Quality in translation

There is much more to a good translation than making a text understandable in another language. Quality translation requires comprehension of the nuances in the source language and the ability to reproduce them in the final text. That’s why TRADEXPERT works exclusively with native- language translators. Specialists in the language and culture of their home country, native translators can ensure greater rigour, precision and efficiency. For translations of the highest quality we use the same team of translators for follow-on tasks. We also undertake the checking of documents by a second person.

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Secrecy is the essence of translation

Secrecy and confidentiality are as important to us as they are to you. Thus, TRADEXPERT abides by a code of professional ethics preventing us from divulging any client information.
The confidentiality of our services is key and nonnegotiable: all our professionals sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting their contracts with Tradexpert.

Our translation services include:

Tradução Técnica de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Technical Translation

With a broad level of general culture and holding relevant academic certificates and diplomas, our translators are capable of translating technical documents, such as instruction manuals and user’s guides, in various languages and fields including, among others, IT, mechanics, automation, electronics, and engineering.

Tradução Legal de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução  Legal Translation

Mastery of the language, and a deep knowledge of the field allow us to translate legal documents with great precision. Legal translation covers both legal and official documents, such as laws, decrees, regulations, codes, statutes, memorandums, declarations, certificates, criminal records, letters rogatory, contracts and agreements. Know more in Legal Translation page.

Tradução Científica de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Scientific Translation

The specificity of scientific terms requires the meticulous translation of all documents related with medicine, pharmacy, biology, biochemistry, cosmetology, veterinary science and optics, among others. The experience and broad education of our staff allows us to assure scientific translations of great quality.

Tradução de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Advertising translation

So that communication with your client is not distorted, we provide translated promotional and advertising texts which conserve creativity of your campaigns and retains the appropriate tone.

Tradução Websites, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Website Translation

In an increasingly digital and global world, achieve increased online exposure by translating your site. Using specific programs to extract editable texts from HTML files, we translate and check your site’s texts so that its layout will remain unchanged. Delivery is made in the same format.

We offer other additional services:

Tradução Urgente de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Urgent translation

Resulting from a previous analysis of the availability of our professionals and of the document to be translated, we can carry out translations with shorter timescales.

Tradução Certificada de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução Certified translation

We undertake to obtain the appropriate certificates for legal translations, including the apostille from state bodies.

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