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Who we are

TRADEXPERT is a certified translation company with a team of translators and professional interpreters spread across the globe. Founded in 1998, TRADEXPERT offers complete translation solutions to its clients, allowing them to make contact with the world. Selected with great care, our native translators have training in translation and interpretation and/or in a specific field and are bound by our terms of confidentiality.

Our Services

Find our professional translation solutions, always carried out swiftly and in a precise and confidential manner.

  • Text processing

    With a high degree of fluency and experience, our editors convert any manuscript documents into a digital format. They are also qualified to create texts with efficiency and creativity in several languages, which will help you achieve your communication goals.

  • Transcription

    We transpose content from any digital support into written text and we may do so in several languages. A team of professional experienced in transcription will be at your service to assure de quality of your audio and video files textual reproduction.

  • Interpreting

    With twenty years of experience and training in their fields, our interpreters make sure nothing is lost in translation during conferences, seminars and business meetings.

  • Proofreading

    Rigorous, dedicated and meticulous proofreading of texts with full respect for the language or languages to review. In the case of website translations we undertake a comprehensive check of its layout and respective translation

  • Translation

    Our team comprises bilingual translators with experience in their own fields of translation, giving a natural feel to our texts. We translate to all European Union languages and others languages, and to prevent errors, all our translations are checked by a second person.

Complete solutions of global translation


Advantages of TRADEXPERT’s services

Um único interlocutor, Vantagens Serviços Tradexpert

A single contact

By assigning a project manager for you we simplify and speed-up the entire process. In the case of multilingual projects and follow-on work, the existence of a single contact allows us to achieve greater coherence, crossreferentiality and familiarity with our clients’ documents.

Redução de Prazos, Vantagens Serviços Tradexpert

Quicker delivery

Once you have given us a project our team undertakes all process stages involved in the translation. Therefore, we eliminate a series of intermediate processes and provide a quicker delivery.

Redução de Custos, Vantagens Serviços Tradexpert

Reduction in cost

With follow-on work, the concentration of forces in the TRADEXPERT team permits us to create a translation memory and to offer you a more competitive quotation.

Tradutores Nativos, Vantagens Serviços Tradexpert

Native translators

Our team comprises native translators with training who translate only to their mother tongue.

Tradutores Especialistas, Vantagens Serviços Tradexpert

Specialised translation

We have specialist translators in different areas, including in technical translation, scientific translation and legal translation, among others.

Los resultados positivos al trabajo realizado por TRADEXPERT son justo merecimiento a la entrega, responsabilidad y profesionalismo de la empresa, Felicitaciones.

Educação Medica e Medicina de Emergencia LDA

At our office, we frequently need legal documents translating for our international clients. TradExpert have provided us with exemplary service both in terms of the quality of translations, and the turnaround times for these…

Rui Osvaldo Dias