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Following the completion of a service our team checks all texts prior to final delivery. Alternatively, if your translation is undertaken by another company and you require an additional check, we provide a text revision service. We correct spelling and syntax, without overlooking the specialised vocabulary required for a translation to be faithful to the original text.

Revisão de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução

Text adaptation

Fluent in the target language, our professionals are capable of adapting your texts in terms of a target audience and/or the type of language desired (e.g.: adaptation of texts from European Portuguese to Brazilian Portuguese).

Website proofreading

, Transcrição de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução, Transcrição de Textos, Tradexpert, Agência de Tradução  Website proofreading

In an increasingly-digital world, can you be certain that your site has been properly translated? TRADEXPERT’s team is available to check your site and verify the quality of the translation.

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